FBCN Services Sundays 9am, 10:30am & 6pm (Central)

Messages - Current Series

Sunday Mornings - 9:00am & 10:30am

With the increase of sin, uncertainty and wickedness in the world, where is there hope? Is there a better way to live? The saints of the first century dealt with the destruction of the temple, great persecution and an ever worsening economic and political climate, yet God through the book of Hebrews is showing them (an us) a better way to live, independent of our circumstances. 

Come listen and study with Dr. Petersen as he teaching us powerful and encouraging messages from the book of Hebrews about a better way to live!  

Sunday Evenings - 6:00pm

These are tough times! How are we to deal with issues that arise because of the sinful actions of those in the world around us? Isaiah has been there and through his book he teaches us what God has for us to do and how to help us grow strong in the Lord in difficult times. Listen to Dr. Petersen as he teaching and gives us powerful and encouraging messages from Isaiah about the Salvation of God!  



Message - Past Series